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Live In Victory Now is a family-owned energy medicine practice dedicated to helping people achieve emotional wellness, optimal health, fulfilling relationships, and improve overall success. Utilizing a personal approach has allowed us to build a thriving business while making a positive impact. Our ultimate goal is to help our clients achieve victory in all areas of their life 

Our Story

Hi friend! Thank you for coming to this part of our website where you can learn more about us. We both grew up in small towns. Scott grew up on a dairy farm in Taylors falls, which is about an hour north of Minneapolis/Saint Paul. Kelsey grew up an hour south of Minneapolis/Saint Paul in the city of Owatonna. We both came from good homes, with loving families, and parents who did the best they knew how to do. However, like most people, we found ourselves stuck in similar cycles as our parents and carried the same emotional baggage as our family, with no way to break free.

Scott attended the university of Saint Thomas in 1999 and worked in a variety of fields which include the restaurant industry, construction industry, and eventually moved into the financial industry in 2008. Currently, he is in management at a financial planning company in downtown Minneapolis. Along the way, Scott was able to connect with some successful entrepreneurs and began to utilize the more commonly known traditional self-help methods to break free from some of the negative cycles and limiting beliefs that had held him back in his younger years. 

Kelsey graduated from Bethel University in 2008 with a degree in Communications and a minor in Leadership. She has an extensive background in the wedding industry, childcare field, and also spent time working in corporate America. Kelsey always had a passion for helping people and was trying to find the best vehicle to make the most impact.

Our paths crossed at a gas station in the Fall of 2012 and we were married a year later in August of 2013. We’ve always had a successful marriage, and by most people's standards, we were living a good life. However, we felt stuck and plateaued. We knew there was more we could do to enhance our personal growth, develop stronger relationships, and make a larger impact on the overall community. Struggling to break through this plateau, we decided to put aside our preconceived biases, and explore the field of energy medicine. It was here we found the keys to remove emotional baggage, change our limiting beliefs, and break free from family cycles. We began to experience more freedom and personal growth than we ever thought possible. After helping friends and family overcome their personal limitations, we felt lead to impact more people and launched our small business in 2018. 

Fast forward to today, we continue to apply the strategies and techniques we personally use to help our clients achieve their best life. In addition to helping our clients, we remain devoted to our marriage, family, and work to teach the next generation the values of love, support, and becoming who they were created to be. We look forward to meeting you and helping you unlock your true potential and live a life of victory.

-Scott and Kelsey

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